salad in the morning.




back to the road once again

Wow, it’s been two long years since I last posted on this site, I feel a newbie here once more.


and now, I have an urge to continue learning again, I want to join the class blogging 101 once more… 😀

One Fine Day in Davao

I packed my things Thursday afternoon and board the Cebu Pacific plane via Davao early Friday morning.

I barely sleep at the plane, this is my first domestic trip. My destination is Davao, one of the finest city in the Philippines. The trip wasn’t all about the vacation but more on pieces of training. Work related. But I was amazed how great the place is.

On my first day and night, I was exhausted and dead tired so I wasn’t able to see the city at night . Luckily, that I had time early morning the next day.I visited the market.IMG_3540

I enjoyed walking and buying fruits. Next stop is native candies made by the locals



Audit your Brand

I am too slow I guess. Others may be have done doing this and yet I’m here looking for the time to do it. I am busy to death. The only time left for me is when I’m going to hit the sheets.

Work related issues, meetings, groupings, client visitations and one on one discussions. All of these is time-consuming.

I always on the go and the convenience of my smartphone is the best for me. So I really don’t have time to visit my full site online.

It will take time for me to do this task. For now, I want to shut my eyes and rest my mind.

Kim Hyun-joong. He is the one.

Blogging101 Do or Die.

Kim Hyun-Joong. One of South Korea’s pretty man. Singer, actor, performer. Successful solo artist. Invaded South East Asia with a bang. He is a star not only shines in Korea or Japan but also in me.
Yes, I am a big fan!
I do follow him. Since when? April last year.
I like his works, his improved acting and great performances on stage.
He is quite one of a few who can dance well along singing. Plus factor is his good looks!
But not only the good looks that matter. He has something in ‘it’…charm!
A shy-innocent-serious look yet lovely and adorable.
A not so cheesy guy who loves the color black.
Sometimes he is careless like an ordinary one.
I love seeing him during his shows in Barefoot Friends. He picked up the food from the floor and eat!. But he was laughing by his actions. What a man! He did that a couple of times. Some will say what a dirty habit. But I, myself done that unaware too,  we’re only human.
So natural.
Since it was a reality show.
No need to act.
No pretensions or whatsoever.

And I found him worthy to love.

I am not making him a perfect image for he has flaws but evidently, the truth came out and justice serves on time.
And I am not the only one here. We are too many to mention active followers across the globe. Same feelings.
I will continue to support him, no matter what. If he enters into his Military Service definitely I will feel sad. But I am much willing to wait until he finished his duty.

Till then, my dear Hyun-Joong, you can count on me as your remote friend who will stand by you at all time.

Who I am? And why I’m here.

Day 1 Introduce yourself.

HELLO! Emily’s here!

I am quite a newbie here. Don’t know much about blogging. I am just a typical follower of a blogger. I never engaged myself in a discussion before, I never post a comment. Afraid that no one wants to interact with me.

But why I am here now?
It was because I had so many emotions the other week that, I want to express through writing. And so I started posting late January.
You can find me here at

My intention was clear expressing my thoughts only. But I was amazed that someone out there shared her feelings and thoughts by commenting on my post. As a beginner, it was a success for me that someone read my post!

I want to learn the basics. I want to improve my writings. I also want to connect to the world.

In my previous blogs, I wrote about an idol and I am not shy to tell I am a big Fan. And maybe I will still continue writing about Him.
But I also want to share some informative, educational, inspirational topics in the future.

But still, before I dream of something big in the future. I want myself to equip some knowledge first.

Looking forward to some bits of advice and tips here. Thank you! 🙂